Sci-Fi/Distopy RPG

Welcome to our Journey of making a Sci-Fi game.

This thread will be like a blog about the game development and about the highs and the lows of game development we will encounteaar!
Before I start off with informations about the project i want to introduce me and my team.

My name is Ohle (21 years old) I´m the 3D Artist of this Project im from Germany and been learning Blender since may of this year.
The other one is the Coder of the Project his name is Alex and he will introduce himself later!

The Project started in July because I had the idea for it when i was listening to RetroWave (80s Electro / Cyberpunkish music).
One of the major questions I asked myself was How can i do this with being too naive I think you all know what i mean that was the point where i got a nice idea.
The idea is to develope just a “demo level” of the game so i can see how the feedback is.

Ofc we already started the development of the demo lvl but we are at a state now we like to share our thoughts, ideas and of course screenshots with you.
Because we like to see what you guys think and to get reviews of our work. Critics are always welcome because as we all know constructive criticism just makes you stronger and even more so if you are a “newbie” like me!

Ok here we are now lets begin with the data transfer…

When I started with modelling it was really frustrating because nothing looked like I wanted it to, but I wasn`t expecting to become a pro in just few hours! Here are some Screens of it!

Well my first lamp that should look like some kind of sci-fi :smiley:

Some kind of a Train I think ?!

After a lot of more stuff like this I finally figured out there is something called SMOOTH!
That was rly cool on the one hand and on the other rly frustrating because I didnt know there is something that called sharp edges so smooth was cool but unusable for me because everything was looking like trash >.<

Than finally i finished something i rly liked because it was looking like something :smiley:

Until these days I didnt have any fixed ideas about the game mechanics so I asked myself what is it the meaning of this game why should ppl play it… so i had many brainstorming sessions with me, myself and I ?! :smiley:

And of course I want to share my thoughts with you here so lets go:
The gameplay should be something like Alien: Isolation meets Deus Ex
That means you are playing in First person in a dystopian semi open world and the gameplay should be rly though like in Alien: Isolation and no you wont be hunted by a monster just the fact that you don´t have a lot of ammo, the fights are rly rly hard and you have to choose what is more Important now run or fight ?.
Deus Ex because well, the setting… that means augmentations some stealth elements etc.

Semi openworld
Rly tough fights
Scifi dystopian setting
Badass hero

That was all i had at this point… You will see we changed “ a bit “ later on.

After this ideas and some more Models Alex the Coder joined my Team and pretty everything changed because of fresh ideas and the important fact of inspiration when ppl say this model or this idea sucks!

So with all this motivation i started a bit bigger model project for me and here are some screens of the development!

The basic

Finished Model wooohooo

This was the finished object so far and omg… I was so happy when it was finished because well it was the first “big” thing i had finished!

We´ll skip some of the little piece I´ve made the next few days and weeks because i didnt get better there (dont know why but it is how it is).

Some artists and Coder that wanted to join us later ( typical: “hey i want to work with you” and after all they just ignore you because of reasons nobody knows) I´ve made something special for me.

Don´t know why but it changed something in my Artist Brain :smiley:

This Robot might not be special for you but this robot was a huge leap for me because I figured out a lot of techniques, correct UV mapping and Texturing.

After the Robot I had learned something about materials and how to use them and made this Fire Ladder with something called opacity mask, which was really interesting to learn about :slight_smile:

We are approaching the current state of the Project rather quickly now.
But let me show you some nice screens of the time between this weeks :slight_smile:


So here we are now… just let me get a huge breath shortly !

In the last 2 Weeks nearly everything has changed in my opinion.
Let me begin with the game mechanics etc.
2 Weeks ago we were thinking omg this is going to be a real project hesitating around etc maybe you know the feeling :stuck_out_tongue:
But then we sat together and talked about the future of the project, the mechanics and stuff like this and we made some major changes I want to explain now !

We got rid of First Person because Third Person feels more like an RPG in our opinion and without Third Person you wouldnt see your neet clothings :open_mouth:
We decided to make the game more RPG than we planned before. We came up with some kind of loot system, equipment system, character sheet etc. For example you will have Clothing and Weapons from different Companies / Factories that directly influence in your reputation towards the Factions we also decided to add.
For example
Purists hate Augmented people. That means if you have a huge stat of “augmented faction” or your augmentations are too big like heavy augmentations they will see it and will react on this with gunfire mobbing etc
Police are mostly neutral and just want to keep the streets of the upper city clean, means if you shoot at somebody on the open street police or drones will come to hunt you down #StealthisImportant
Hackers obviously are not aggressive in the first place but can provide a lot if you are friendly with them
Those are just some examples. Another example if you want to get into a Gangster club as a hacker you wont get in without the right clothing or the right “entrance”, just like in real life where you wont get into high fashion clubs with a hoody and baggy pants.

   3. A word on the stats. We wont have typical rpg stats like STR/INT etc. We added a suspicion stat, if you wear medium guns or augs etc you can hide those under your clothes with high enough concealment value. And there are ofc stats like DMG, weight, HP etc. and ofc you will have items with special affixes and augmentations will play a huge roll like the inventory viewer which is the following point.
   4. The inventory is something the player can access from a augmented Reality Interface on their lower arm ( OFC ONLY INGAME! :D) 
   5. Augmentations: The augmentations will greatly affect your playstyle. You will be able to increase weapon stability and even access your Guns Viewpoint through certain Augs, to allow shooting from behind cover without the need to expose yourself and still properly aim..

Additionally there will be augs that will give you more jump power, more strength, etc.
And a few more Ideas yet in the making I will talk about at a later stage
6. One major feature we added to the list is the inventory you won´t have a diabloish inventory. We decide to give you something like a character you can see and slots on the limbs. For example the torso slot, in which you can equip any Sort of Vest or fancy upper body clothing you find. Each of these will have slots of themselves which vary per Item and can contain anything from a small “Multi-Tool” all the way to Heavy Weaponry.
Augmentations will use a rather similar approach, you will be able to install Augs into certain Slots but you need to be wary of the Augmentation Class, as you will be unable to hide any Heavy Augmentations and even Medium Augs are rather difficult to hide from plain sight.
Each Augmentation will have Slots of its own which can be customized further by installing different Mods.

And a lot of more stuff that is in our minds but i think thats enough for now :slight_smile: let us see what we done the last 2 weeks until the day we released this forum post!


On this day i have learned how to work with some nice new mechanics ive learned in Blender that makes the sci-fi look of hardsurfaces much easier :slight_smile:

Before we come to the day i release this post ill show you my progress in weapon modeling

This was my first weapon i ever made :smiley:

And now my weapons look a bit different, maybe not better but with textures :smiley:

Finally we are at the day before i release this Post.

Ive learned today how to work with Alphas and the height!

I do not know if it is my problem but I can not see the attachments!
anyway thanks for sharing your project with us
if you’re still learning probably you will change many things in time
so do not rush to define everything immediately.
considering this is an openworld keep in mind how much time you need for all models if you do not help you from market!
waiting for updates!:smiley:

I thought you can click on the attachments but ill fix it !

I fixed it sorry man :smiley: dont know what that was lel


Made this weapon today

what are your thoughts? :slight_smile:

hahah same problem ! :smiley:
good job anyway!

fixed lel dont know what that error is <.<

I still can not see it:confused:

did you clicked on it O.o ? if still the error exist i should upload on imgur or so <.<

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here are the imgur link Imgur: The magic of the Internet

ho yes !
i would like to see it later in unreal :slight_smile:

allrdy have it in unreal but we have some issues with smoothing dont know why they are not visible in UE ._. on other objects i never had this problem

what do you think about this guys ? :slight_smile: finished some new modular stuff

Mmm cool !
Good start so far

heyya heres the next picture of this alley :smiley: a bit more details :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work so far, coming along. Will follow as I like the theme and direction you are taking it!

Hey Zenoflare thanks man !
I got some new stuff too :stuck_out_tongue:
a new modular Wall
and my first “mask” maybe not the best xD but still my first

This is looking so cool! Got any characters in the works?