Sci-Fi Crime Scene


Hello everyone!
I’m happy to announce that the Sci-fi Crime Scene Asset pack is finally available on the Unreal Marketplace.

When creating this pack, we wanted to explore something specific and we figured there aren’t any crime scene related contents on the marketplace, especially with a sci-fi theme to them, so we gave it a go. You will find vials, different blood decals, neon signs, evidence crates and markers as well as a police drone and much more in the pack.

It was also important for us to make an asset pack that can be modified numerous ways so that every developer can customize it to fit their project’s needs. For example, we included a spline blueprint that can be used to place police lines, pipes and cables.

To see more of the different features please check out this video:

In the pack you will find 125 static meshes, 22 blueprints, 5 particle systems, 32 materials and 278 textures.
If you want to look at the models individually check out the documentation that has a detailed description of the whole pack and every model in it.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post and we really hope you like our content.