Sci-Fi Crime Scene


Hi everyone!
This is the support thread for the Sci-fi Crime Scene asset pack available here:


Feature demonstration video:

**A documentation **that details every static mesh, particle system and blueprint in the pack:


  • 125 Static meshes
  • 22 Blueprints that make level editing a lot easier (eg.: setting window or lamp variations)
  • 5 particle systems
  • 32 master materials and 169 material instances
  • 3 LODs on average for the meshes
  • Blood, graffiti decals with different variations (eg.: holographic dried or fresh blood)
  • Spline based cables, police lines and pipes
  • Modular wall, pavement, road and low wall meshes
  • A lot moreā€¦for a full overview be sure to check out the demonstration video!!!


  • Version 1.0 Launched - 13/09/2017

If you have questions, feedback or you ran into a problem please** post them here** or e-mail us on the support mail, here:

The pack is on a 40% sale from 16/10 to 21/10 so be sure to grab a copy if you are interested!