Sci-Fi Corridor Modular Environment Assets



Here are some screen shots of the living quarters and social areas, which will be the next pack I release. Hoping for some comments, if it’s adding anything new to the stuff that is already out there. Haven’t focus on the textures yet which flat and unrealistic. If anyone can offer a link to a work flow texturing that would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance for looking at it.

Link to updated video:
Link to Assets:…mars-corridors

Link to “Living Quarters” video:


I’ve written here before about a project I’m working on, a Mars Discovery Project or Mars outpost but the content could be used for any space or Sci-Fi environment. I’ve created so much content but need to focus on just getting some of it ready to sell in the Market Place. What I’ve decided on was to focus on just the corridors and junctions and spiral stairs content first and do the massive amounts of rooms and other content later if there is interest. Here are some images of the Corridors. I’m hopping to get some feedback, criticism about the quality and if people are interested in this kind of content. I have looked through the Market Place and have seen many of the other Sci-Fi environments, some of which are really nice. I’m hopping my style is different enough to add more choice for developers. Thanks for any feedback, even just a thumbs up or down.

Here is an Overview Map. Asset Map.jpg

That screen on the wall, is it possible to easily put a video on that I could definitely see myself using something like that with Modular Scifi Season 2 Starter Bundle :smiley:

Yes, I know it’s possible but if you want it semi transparent I believe you have to have two videos, one a greyscale for the transparency or just use one of the channels inverted I think. I will have to try it.

This project has now been released. This is my first product in the Marketplace i could really use any criticism you could offer or any obvious problems or issues with my design, look or feel. Thanks for looking at it :slight_smile:

Please check out new images, Thanks.

Updated Screen Shots of “Living Quarters” new submission to Marketplace.