Sci-fi arsenal vol 1.0 [ released ]…fi-arsenal-vol
A set of more than 15 high quality Sci-fi Weapons and Crates for your next shooter game - Rifles, Pistols, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Grenades, Detonator, Ammo Crates, Ammo Boxes. Including Animations.

Main Features:

  • Skeletal Meshes contains animated parts, LODs, Custom placed Physics Assets, Customizable Material Instances.
  • Static Meshes also contains LODs, Collision Mesh, Customizable Material Instances.
  • Simple Weapon Blueprint Classes which implements Ammo Digital Display system on weapons.
  • Character Animations included for weapons (Idle Stance, Fire, Reload).
  • And Much More…


Sci-fi Arsenal Vol 1.0 : Character & Weapons Animations [FPS & TPS Support] - YouTube


Could you show the animations while being in first person, please?

Mauiboss. OK cool I will do So Thanks

Hi Mauiboss , Here is the link to the video and showcases the character and Weapon animations in FPS