Sci Biohazard Suit / Pressurized Suit [Large Images]


Since there are zombies and body bags available on the market place now, I felt like there was a need for scientists, doctors, or soldiers in biohazard suits. I modelled this based on a variety of designs for pressurized suits throughout the last few decades.



The material is “colorizable” using masks. I have made several material instances to demonstrate this. The same goes for the glass in the helmet, with additional properties to control the opacity and shininess. The biohazard, scalpel swirl, and BSL-4 logos are on a separate texture which uses its alpha to blend with the main albedo texture. I made it this way so it could be easily replace with custom logos. If this got on the marketplace, I would include the .fbx files so the head/face models could be easily replaced.


Since this is the first time I have ever produced an asset with the intent of sharing it I have quite a few questions. Is this something people would be interested in buying from the marketplace? Is this of sufficient quality for the marketplace? What price, if any, would you be willing to pay for this character?


I added a snazzy side stripe. Also, I am continuing to make adjustments to hide UV seems.


I added a little AO to the textures and have virtually eliminated those uv seams.
I also changed the logo on the air supply tank.

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