School, Masters degree

hi there im thinking of going back to school and getting a masters in game design. i have a bach in computer animation but itd from the art institute and isnt worth much in my opinion. i my gpa was like 2.66 or something like that my question is where should i look into going? iv herd utah has a great program but my gpa was low do idk if i can get in

It’s probably not worth getting a masters in this type of thing. The really useful degrees would be more technical–like math/programming
An art degree is only useful for what they can teach you or what connections you can make, most schools don’t do well on either front.

so what would you suggest? i focus more on environmental design

I would look into CGWorkshops and training videos, build up your portfolio. If you could learn a tool like Substance or Quixel Suite then that would be really helpful as an environment artist.

Risk going into debt for a masters in game design…?
Sure why not, after all isn’t this the life that awaits… :stuck_out_tongue: