[School final project] The observatory, game environment


Hi everyone!

My name is Fabian and I’m starting my final project for my videogame art master in the Universal Arts School. My project will be a videogame environment called “The observatory”, during the following weeks I will update my progress and share it with you to get feedback and improve it as much as possible.

I hope you like it! here is the first blobkout

Initial references for my environment:



Good luck! The blockout looks really nice :slight_smile:

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Update 19/04/2021
I’ve been adding more detail to the blocking and divide the assets into groups. I also started adding the terrain around the observatory with this set I found on the UE marketplace Landscape Backgrounds

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Update 23/04/2021

This week I started modeling my hero asset: the telescope. The idea was to have this big telescope attached to this base made of spheres and rings like planets. Also, I liked the idea of having this mechanic arm for the chair for being able to see through the telescope without any stairs to reach it.


Congratulations, it looks very promising!

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Update 27/04/2021

I just finished modeling the telescope and finished the bake. I imported it to substance and I started doing some testing texturing it. I also started adding to the level some statutes assets from megascans for the workshop.

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Update 28/04/2021
I continued the texturing process of the telescope adding more details and a lot of astronomical decoration to it like the constellations on the main sphere. In the following days, I will add the telescope to the unreal scene and I’ll start modelling the main assets for the study and the laboratory.

Also around next week, I will try to have an updated version of the level on the main post, like this you all can see the actual state of the environment without having to scroll all the way down.

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Update 05/05/2021
Hi everyone! This previous week I’ve been modelling some props and testing some tiling textures that I made on Mixer. This week I will try to add more detail to the wall and floor for trying not to make so plane and I think I will start soon with lighting and post-processing.

P.S: I don’t want to make the telescope look that shinny but It was the first time I was trying packed textures on Unreal and I think I messed up with the settings of the textures. I hope I have it fixed for the next update :smiley:

Update 09/05/2021

As I said at the beginning of the week I added more detail to walls and textures and some Ivys I found on megascans. I started doing some testing with lighting and post-process to set the mood I want for the environment. Also this week I started texturing some props to the study area and the laboratory. The problem with the telescope was that I had the wrong compression mode on the textures so it was an easy fix :smiley:

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Update 18/05/2021
Hi everyone! It’s been a busy week But I could manage to make some advancements. I continued improving the lighting and adding more props to the study and the workshop. I also added the exterior trees surrounding the observatory. This week I will add the current progress to the main post, I delayed that too much :stuck_out_tongue: See you soon!


Update 23/05/2021

Hi everybody! I think we are close to seeing how it’s going to be the final environment! There’s still a lot of things to do but we can start to see something close to the final result :smiley:

This week I continued adjusting some light and postprocess settings, mostly it was trying to fix the overexposure on some parts of the scene.

I started the pond area ( The water is made thanks to this fantastic shader I found here ArtStation - UE4 Customizable Water Master-Material (Vertex Paintable) | Game Assets ) and I also added some assets I’ve been doing these days.

See you next week!

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Update 28/05/2021
Hi everyone! this week I didn’t do any major changes to the scene. I’ve been making some more assets and finishing the resting area to get that cozy feeling.

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Update 03/06/2021

Let’s continue with some more assets! this time this study desk next to the window. Hopefully this week I will finish the rest of the main assets and start making some dressing to the environment

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Update 09/06/21021

Getting close to the finish line! I’m working on the last assets in these final 2 weeks of work. I will later add some animations and details after that. Im excited to see the final look! :smiley:

Update 17/06/2021
Hi everybody! we are on the last week on most of the assets are finished. I will focus now on adding the final details and do some more dressing to the scene