Scenic scapes for driver training purposes

Create a variety of scenes (approximately 40-50) with automotive vehicles to depict hazardous situations while driving.


  • Stationary / scripted vehicles
  • 1 “driveable” vehicle for camera purposes
  • Photo-realistic environments in Rural, Country, and Cities.

Team Structure**:**
Candidate will be the sole developer of these creations, reporting to the president of the company.(employer)
Developer has creative freedoms within the desired scenarios.

Talent Required:

Candidate must be able to perform the following tasks

  • Generate Photo Realistic scenes (through whatever methods they see fit)
  • Must be able to add/animate motor vehicles on the various roads/streets (vehicles will be purchased for the creator to insert into the project)
  • Must be able to create a basic interface whereby the employer can load and play each scene
  • Must be able to allow the employer to choose which camera angle (1st person, 3rd person, or global) they require for each scene
  • Scenes must scripted such that the event can be reproduced repeatedly
  • Employer must be able to operate (and will be the only person) with a drive-able car within the scenes.

President - Numind TV

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Hey Rodney, are you open to working with a remote developer on this? Sending you over an email with a bit of background on us, but I know we’d be a great fit for this project. Cheers!