SceneText - Free code Plug-In for text story scenes with options for animation, branching choices

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Add text story or dialog scenes and branching options.This is a free plugin by BCETracks

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Example Project

(This is a UE 4.20 project that demonstrates usage of the plugin)

I really recommend getting the example project zip, it not only has the example story data file but a browser based editor as well in the Data folder (you may need to use FireFox).
In the scenetext plugin, source is included, it says for Windows because that was all I built the binary for but you can compile for any system.

*SceneText is a system for story scenes with text. It is intended for the classic style of game dialog but could be used many ways and modified to suit many tasks. It can have choices that the user clicks and other branching possibilities.

SceneText can be used for many types of games. The game can be primarily story based or have between gameplay scenes. SceneText can be inserted into a game as a GameMode. Once your story scene is done it can load a level and return to the gameplay. This is shown in the example, it will go to the top down mode at the end. The example project is available on the official download site/page.*

  • System to display story text that waits for the user’s click to continue.
  • Choice system that can do things based on the user’s choice.
  • System to load the story data (with text) from a file.
  • Data can cause animations, sounds, and more.

I feel I need to do something more with the documentation but there are just so many possible things to document. To anyone who’s gotten this, what documentation were you needing first or at a high priority? I mean things like “just getting started”, “json text file format”, “setting up character”,