Scenes done with Epic assets

Hi, I’ve maked those recently, especialy wanted to share it here since I’ve used Epic assets! Those shiny, marvelous, super assets from this beloved studio!
Those scenes I’ve done for exercise in mesh placing and design. I’m jobless and broke and I’ve never worked comercially on games in unreal :frowning:

This one is the latest, been working on it for 2 days so far,
Used assetes from: “Showdown” and “Infiltrator” and “Sci-fi corridor”:

This was very old idea of mine, Ive modeled the cave
Rest is from Infinity blade packages:

I can post more if you like them~!
Any feedback is always welcome~!

Sincerely all Yours, Chris.

Any chance that you could make a video on how you did the first one?

I know it’s mostly putting pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle but it would really help give me a basic idea on the workflow of level design.

Pretty impressive work I must say.

One thing broke my suspension of disbelief though: the Night Club. I would have loved it it was the environment around it telling me its a Night Club rather than the name itself.

Thank you Yun-Kun for feedback!
IndieCrusader at the moment when its already done i cant video the process but maybe in the next one!

I did short flythrough movie from the sci fi one:

Some new things:





Incredible scenery.

Is there a chance to get those cave models?

Nice work. I love seeing how creative people can become with existing assets. =)

Really good work and I find it hard that you are unemployed with this quality. Seems you are good to go working with a Creative Director to get the final directions!

Nice scenes, I like it!

Looks polished, keep going! UE4 makes for some nice looking Indie eye-candy:
Cyberpunk / Bladerunner type environments especially… Examples: 1 2 3 4 5

i feel really motivated and need to reach even higher quality!

@unit23 this cave is my old model and its very very bad in many places (stretched UV’s)
i just try to light it where its good, and keep it dark where it stretches

some new stuff from today, been working on the cave scene: