Scenery in the distance. LOD?

So I’m ready to start creating a cut scene and have one major question, I’ve looked about but nothing really that I’ve found answers my question.

I want to create and country side scene and have all my trees ready and props. But I was wondering about the hills and trees in the far distance. Do I create these actually size and place them far from the main action Or do I create them small? With the far away trees, should these be low low poly, bill boards maybe. I just don’t know. I just want to get it right. Hope someone can help or direct me to a thread or tutorial thanks :slight_smile:

On that same thought. I’m so sure I saw a tutorial somewhere (which now I can’t find because I didn’t think to make a note of it) that there is a setting to make your mesh reduce its poly count. Similar to someone creating a low poly version of there model for LOD distance. Is this right or am I just hoping? I’m hoping to add enemy AI that will be in the distance and low-poly building of these seems quite complicated regarding texture matching the 3 different poly counted models for LODs…. Hope that makes sense…

Any help will be great thanks…

It depends on your level. When you have performance problems, you should use billboards and low poly meshes in the distance. :slight_smile:
I personally would create them in the actual size + place it far away -> but for hills you could also just use the landscape tool (it already has a good lod system)

Thank you. I know which why to go with it :slight_smile: