SceneCaptureComponent2D -> Render Scene primitives always selects the legacy option


I’ve found a bug in the selection box for Primitive Render Mode. You can select the Render Scene Primitives (Legacy) and the Show Only Actors options but the Render Scene Primitives with the tooltip “Render primitives in the scene, minus the Hidden Actors” can’t be selected. The legacy option will always be selected.

This option can be found in Scene Capture.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for submitting this report. I was able to reproduce the bug and I have logged JIRA UE-52210.

Our developers will be investigating the issue further. Please follow that link to monitor the status of the report.

A workaround is to set it to “Render primitives in the scene, minus HiddenActors” in the compilation script.

You can add the hidden actors in the array here too.