SceneCaptureComponent & Owner no see


I’ve got some problem with the SceneCaptureComponent and the flag “OwnerNoSee”.

Like you can see in the attached screenshot I’ve created some first person character with some third person representation for the multiplayer mode. (see first screenshot 1.png)

The third person mesh (“Mesh”) has the flag “Owner No See” set to true.
The first person mesh (“Mesh1P”) has the flag “Only Owner See” set to true.

Now I’ve attached some SightSceneCaptureComponent to my camera, so that it captures the scene, too.
This is located some centimeters in front of the actual camera and is later used to attach the capture texture to my weapons scope. (see scope in second screenshot 2.png)

My problem is now the following. I want that the SceneCaptureComponent has the same owner like the actual actor, so that it doesn’t capture the third person mesh.
Currently my sight works perfectly, but when I look at the bottom it captures also my third person character from inside, which shouldn’t happen. (see third screenshot 3.png)
I don’t know how to assign the same owner to the SceneCaptureComponent, neither in the blueprint nor in the parent c++ class.

I also tried to change the location of the objects so that the camera is situated in front of the actual third person mesh but this means that one of the meshes is outside of my CapsuleComponent which gives some weird behaviour in multiplayer mode when characters collide with each other.

I also found some one year old answer hub entry where someone complains about the exact opposite.

Some ideas?

Does really noone have some idea how to change the owner of the SceneCaptureComponent?

I am also in need of a solution to this - did you ever find out anything?

Ok well 5 more minutes and I found the solution - if you create a SceneCaptureComponent and put it in your player BP it will see it from the 1P Perspective. If you create a SceneCaptureActor and attach it to your player it will see it from the 3P Perspective. Hope this helps.