SceneCapture2dComponent renders no reflections

Hi everyone,
I occured a “bug?” while I was working with sceneCapture components. The render target texture does not show any reflections from my scene. I have this component in a blueprint that acts as a camera with a display. However I have also a handheld camera blueprint with a display that uses the same workflow. The strange thing is, that the normal cam shows no reflection, the handheld does. I checked every setting in the capture components as well as the texture render targets and they are all equal.

When I use a scene capture2d ACTOR they work as they should. I have also added a new scenecapture component to my cam and this didn’t help.

Is there any difference between the actor and the component?
Am I missing something?



Ok I fixed it.
In my camera actor BP the default scene root was a static mesh that was scaled to 0.2 and was hidden in game.
I got rid of the old scene capture component and changed the actual mesh and set the scaling back to 1.
Then I added a fresh capture component and connected all the scripts back again.
Now everything works…

I don’t know what the problem was, but I would guess that it was related to the scaling of the static mesh in the root.
Is there anyone from the ue staff that could explaine to me how this could happen?

Cheers :wink: