Good day, i have a question, i want use SceneCapture2D in C++, but i didnt meet any documentation, i found this as Class in editor, but i need it in c++, how can i call it in C++?

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i found only header file of SceneCapture2D, but it has no functions 227f0f1bd589e15221341b158b1ee2273295d8f0.jpeg

You could attach a scene capture 2d component to an actor and then set the properties in the editor or if you need to capture a frame in the game you need to set it to not render every tick, then I think you need to call the update contents method of the component, I believe that will make it render the next frame into the texture specified as its target. I’m still experimenting with this and have not achieved great success yet. Good luck :slight_smile:

thank you for reply, i attached it with blueprint by EventGraph, but when on scene 2 of this actors, they have only one vision, but they should have 2 different vision

maybe i need somehow create “rendertexture2d” by EventGraph too? but i dont know how to do it, cause when i put 2 blueprint actors with this function, they have 2 their SceneCapture2D, but they have the same vision.

For each Viewpoint I’d place a different scene capture actor or component, and a different render texture for each capture

But if i play and see 2 same actors, let’s take for example 2 same weapons with scenecapture, they should have different vision, how to do this?

And in what problem? Every unit of weapon has own the component of scenecapture and target texture for output.

Scenecapturetarget2d has tuning properties of LPV. But by no methods to compel lpv to work through sct2d I did not succeed (((
Who does can does know as lpv works with sct2d? Or does not it work in general?