SceneCapture2D resolution problem

I have a strange problem with the resolution of it. I make some SC2D capture camera, I attach the texture, set the res etc. Then I make a PostProcess material of it. After I attache it to the real camera the resolution is weird and it is not matchin no matter what I do. I changed the FOV etc. I set the res to FullHD on the texture and in SC2D and camera it is the same FOV. But when I attach this material to a flat plane mesh it is ok. It there a fix to it ? How can I send the image from one camera to another 1:1 ?

It is so buggy or I am totally noob? When You put the material into blendable slot of a camera and then scale up lets say to 2048x2048 and then You will go back with the slider it is impossible. You will get stuck to a scaled screen. You can`t do anything about it, deleting cameras, deleting materials, textures… nothing works. You need to make from scratch the whole scene. I wonder why no one has noticed it. And still, there is the problem with no Motion Blur from the SceneCapture. Is anyone using it?