scenecapture2d motion blur bug report

hello i work in my own race game, but i found a great problem, in udk3 i use a regular scenecapture to provide real reflection in the car retrovisors, but in UE4 when i use the same trick all are motion blur in extreme, even when i disable all motion blur, the scenecapture2d, the camera attach to my vehicle and the post process, all are disable but still remain.

check this video to see the problem, in the video: left part show us a ugly ghost effects from the capture, and the right hand the correct visualization but without capture and of course without cool retrovisor reflections u_u

here: https://www…com/watch?v=iSp7_2n5fK4

ok a research a while, in fact i found a great problem when you use a scenecapture2d to get dynamic cool reflection and move your character fast, you get a enormous motion blur, even when all disable. i thing this is a real bug.
i test this with all templates, third person, first, fly, vehicle if you move slow dont care but this have importance when you move faster, like a vehicle or fly.


Hi ZkarmaKun,

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yep its
i still research, i got the same problem with the content examples project in the reflection scene, i am scare!!!
if you disable the motion blur, still having a weird ghost effects.