SceneCapture2D in Blueprint?


I have a use-case where I have a spaceship with a view screen that looks outside via a camera. So you have a ScreenCapture2D component projecting to a TextureRenderTarget2D inserted into a Material assigned to the ViewScreen. Normally, you can easily do this by creating separate assets for each part and linking them together. However, in my case, there may be an arbitrary number of spaceships in the level, and each would require its own SceneCapture2D setup.

So, a good case for blueprints. But how do you do it with blueprints? This was the best I could come up with. But it doesn’t work. Does anyone have any better ideas?

These are the most pertinent issues I could find elsewhere, but none of them have very satisfactory answers. Is “it can’t be done” basically still the answer as of Feb 2016?