SceneCapture2D Event Tick

Hayhoo (^-c^ )I,
I am currently trying to create “some kind of Portal Effect thing” (well not exactly the same) and I now encounter a stupid problem. I tried to create an Event Tick in a SceneCapture2D Component since I have to trace in every direction starting at the SceneCapture2D.
Now Unreal tells me “Blueprint Portal2SceneCapture2D_C has the ReceiveTick EventTick event, but it can never tick”
So does anybody know a workaround for this?


Does anybody know how i can use the camera of another object blueprint as the SceneCapture2D Camera? I would rather have this question solved since I wouldn’t have to do the whole object placement script again ^-^

I hope somebody can help me with one of those questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok I solved it, just replaced the Tick Event with a loop