SceneCapture2D displays way off to left

ok so this is a quick question i guess -
im verifying mostly, because i can skip it and just have the “camera” point like 20 feet to the right of where i want

OK so i am rigging cameras so i can tell what is going on when im modeling
and i want a couple of them to go to a screen

easy enough, some guy already posted how - nice. figured that’d be the case.

its showing up the video as if its like considerably off the left of where the camera is actually pointed
cant find anything specific about it or to try to fix it, looked at all the variables available (pretty sure)

oh dear god did i type fast enough to submit! without getting a login error when i login that im already logged in
when im not.

does this thing bump ? at all - ? nothing is documented here, its horrible
its java. ive seen it crash i took the website out for an hour once when i tried to search.

ok so this is my new video

the problem is the tutorial, the dummies - most all the tutorials are by dummies
but man a couple know some discrete widgets

ok so
the material goes onto the thing and i guessed i missed in the tutorial how to set it so
that it DOES NOT wrap

i think the guy in the tutorial literally set his camera so it would work perfectly
and didnt even question why it was way way way way way off

hes writing the camera around the entire material and so his tutorial
which i did to save me time, not because i cant figure it out myself

yeh this is what it does


Seems to work fine out of the box:

Image from Gyazo


Judging by what’s shown, the UVs are to blame.

im just getting up to speed on UV, i figured i could just move it, but didnt know the name

i think your example is going to be different because the camera is tracking - i’ll double check mine and see and report back on it, i kind of have like 5-10 things going on right now so i dont get stuck on any one of them

i dont think im going to have direct access to the uv or i wouldve seen it already but ill check