SceneCapture 2D - Not updating Texture Target (???)

I need to spawn an actor with a SceneCapture 2D component for rendering the texture into a material instance.

I’ve done exactly (at least I’ve spent my last 2 hours in this) what is done in the Blueprint features project - Security Camera.]

Well, it should work following the project’s steps but it is not. The value of Texture Render Target is always Null.

Basically I have set the Scene Capture 2D Target Texture to a new Texture Render reference. This ref is passed as a parameter to a Texture Parameter.

My project:

Inside Epic’s Blueprints project it is all done inside Construction Script. It works perfectly, but in my case it is not.

Is there something I’m missing to make this Scene Capture start capturing and retargeting those frames to a texture render? Apparently it is not activating the SceneCapure component…

Scene Capture 2D Component’s defaults:

You have to set the texture target to an actual texture render target.
Normally you’d have to create this manually and assign it.
If you want to create one at runtime, check out Rama’s plugin.
It has a node for creating a Texture Render Target at runtime.

Has this since been implemented in UE4? I mean creating the actual TextureTarget assets at runtime so I could have 1 to 100 textures rendered?

I looked all around for RAMA’s plugin. There are a few on his website and in the UE4 Marketplace and lots of rainbows but I can’t see anything related to texture targets.

No idea if Epic created a similar node or not.
At the time of this post, it was over 3 years ago that I mentioned it.

See above.
Been ages, may have been replaced by native function.
When I shared it, it was called “CreateTextureRenderTarget2D”.

Looks like Kismet Rendering Library added in “Create Render Target 2D” now native in unreal which explains perhaps why Rama’s plugin no longer has that.