[SCENE] WIP Dark Sci fi Apartment Building

Hey guys and gals, I haven’t posted any WIPs here in a long time and think my work has suffered because of it! That being said I could use some feedback on the piece I’ve been working on in my free time for the last month or so.

The feel I am trying to go for is David Fincher lighting, Observer (Bloober Team game, its dope!) type environment with a sort hivemind/God eye in the middle being used for energy of some kind around the apartment building.

Scene is using almost entirely tileable texures and lots of decals. Lighting is mostly baked and I’m using raytracing for reflections, transparency, and AO.

Current issues I am having are blending the wall cable lights into the wall, they are too dark. I am unhappy with the silhouette of the corner pieces for the stair railing but not entirely sure where to go from here, probably just need to experiment. I’m also having trouble baking my splines (floor cables going down the stairs) they appear to float above the stairs, could be the indirect lighting from the stairs is too intense.

Anyway those are a few issues I see. What do you guys see? Composition, color, lighting?

I don’t know why there is an attachment. This forum is weird about images! Also let me know if you guys want to see more of the project I only posted a couple overview kinda shots.

This looks great. I am a huge David Fincher fan. It reminded me of Fincher when I saw it.
I would make the green lights more subtle or smaller, I am not quite sure what they represent, buttons? They are standing out right now and distracts from the rest.

Like this image here, there is green and yellow on each side of the shot, but they are filling up each of the rooms and roughly taking up half of the space.

Thanks! I Am much further on this piece now. I totally missed this comment but I am almost finished now. I sidelined it for a while. I will post the final scene soon. Thanks for the feedback very late but still valid!