[SCENE] [W.I.P] Chinese Tulou

Hey guys.

I just started this project. Its a Chinese building called a Tulou. I only just started so its still quite simple. if you have worked on a similar project please let me know any tips you have. right now the entire building it textured on a single texture map. just a simple base colour for now,. I know the scale on the textures are a little off and im going to fix that soon. Below you can see the models and some of my references.














Thanks for any advice!

Hey, So I have an update, just a small one. but I changed the wood colour, and added some decorations. still need to fix some of the wood scaling issues. but other than that I will slowly continue to build up the complexity of the scene. and add more variations of the base model.

this will most likely be a slow thread as I’m busy but I welcome any comments.


Another small updated, I started on some of the small assets, I also switched the lighting to dynamic. and I started to add some post process effects just to give me an idea of my scenes overall final look. hope you like it, any comments are most welcome.



Here is another small update, I started to tweak some of the textures and started to add some additional assets.

Comments Welcome!



Here is another quick update!


Hey guys!

I just want to share an update, I hope I can get some feedback!


It looks alright so far. How about some variation in the wood texture of support beams (vertical and horizontal)? Maybe a lacquer finish or smooth stain on the wooden doors / windows, and a bit more variation in the wood textures for those? The lighting looks a bit desaturated, or its effect on the whole scene does. I’m not sure if that’s intended though. Perhaps trying one or two lighting setups to see how it looks, such as at night and in the early morning. Something that’s interesting about this building is it occludes the shadows of the window rails / panels in a number of larger areas, so it appears that the shadowing is simple, not having lots of complex shapes and forms. Are the doors openable? Is the tulou a residential building? what is it for?

Thanks for your feedback, you are right about the wood textures they need more vernation, right now I’m just reusing the same few wood textures so I can get an overall idea of the scene, and I’m going to remake a of these assets anyway as I have them placed there as placeholders right now. I think the lighting looks like that because of the fog, I’m still working on how I want the final visual to look. But as of yet I have not decided and just experimenting, and I will be making a night scene lit by the lanterns etc. Ill do that once I am happy about the final meshes. As for what is a Tulou, it’s an ancient Chinese building from the Fujian province, it is residential dwelling and was used to for protection from other tribes.