[Scene][UE5] Lionshill Mansion | Lumen & Nanite

This project was created to test the capabilities of the new Unreal Engine 5 systems - Nanite & Lumen. Made of megascans and assets from the marketplace.

For megascans assets I used nanite technology and also i wanted to test how new global illumination works. I ran into a lot of different problems or crashes. In the end, however, the scene was completed and i’m very happy with it. What do u think?


Really cool Grequ!
What kind of trouble or limitations did you run into working on this scene?

I have to agree with @Unreal_Osga; this Lionshill Mansion environment came out terrific! How long did it take to create this scene? Kudos again on a job well done!

I found that the textures (materials to be exact) were broken all over the place all of them and I had to restart the engine to get the mesh textures fixed. Additionaly the lumen did not show spotlights from behind the window in the night scene as if there was no lighting from the windows (in the daytime version it worked)
these were the main limits when it comes to working on this project.

Thanks! also thanks to @Unreal_Osga, something around 4-5 days? first was to gather and check all meshes, second day was layout, 2-3 more was dressing up level, lighting and adding effects to whole scene

I have also been noticing that textures often loose all definition. They become a blurrymess and I have to restart the project to fix them untill it inevitably happens again.
Neve had that problem with spotlights but I have noticed unexpected behaviour like that.
My main struggle right now has been understanding how to make lumen gi work, because my meshes don’t appear in the lumen scene.
70% of the time I am troubleshooting, 25% actually learning how to light and 5% crying cause there are bugs/limitations.
In the end really hope this engine gets perfected. It will deffinitly be awesome then.

No problem at all, and I see; well, thank you for sharing your fantastic scene here in the UE Forums!