[Scene] U7 Marienhof

Ever since home office took over, I rarely get to use the metro in Munich - here’s an ode to slightly run down metro stations smiley
Created from a mixture of various real-life stations found in Germany.

My goals were:
-Fighting the urge to over-clutter and make an environment look too dirty and run down smiley
-Finally testing the Movie Render Queue workflow properly.
-Finding RTX settings I can comfortably work with in 60fps+.
-Finishing and using some Substance Materials that were lying around half finished.

All of the structural assets were created in a 3m by 3m grid with modularity in mind, most of the props are mid poly and use the same few tiling textures. Exceptions are of course the bitmap textures and the escalator steps, where i needed specific details.
Detailing done with one text atlas and one trim atlas and a couple of Megascans decals and debris models.

Feedback as always greatly appreciated!

Find more shots on the artstation page:


Wow, it look awesome!!!

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Thanks a lot!

Awesome eye for details. Catches the atmosphere of the environment really good.

Thank you! Really appreciate it