[SCENE] The Speaking Stones

Hey guys this is my first time posting here! I wanted to experiment with the landscape and wind systems in Unreal Engine. This is also my first time using World Machine and Speed Tree. Let me know what y’all think!

Here is a video of the scene in motion.

Beautiful job man nice work!

Nice shots. Would be great to see a short video!

I think it’s impressive as your first try. Keep up with the cool stuff!

Beautiful work :smiley:

Thanks a lot guys!

Wow! I’m just starting with UE4 and this is very inspirational thank you for sharing!

Indeed. Those characters in the stones… what is that? Runes?

They are Latin. They read rise and come. I wanted to make it seam like the stones were used to summon a deity or something.

Also check out a video capture of the wind!

My first time posting here as well, but I needed to say that this looks great dude! The detail on the stones is really nice.

Thanks man!

Looks great! Feels like hiking in a forgotten land.

Where did you get your assets from?

Thanks Conan.Reis! That was definitely the vibe I was going for!

Already looks better than No Mans Sky, aint even joking…

I made all the assets from scratch in SpeedTree, Maya, Mudbox, and World Machine. Things like foliage textures were taken from a few different texture websites.