[Scene] The Aorta Valley

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I wanted to share with the community my new scene made in UE4 4.26 that I have presented for the Rookies Contest: “World of real-time Discoveries” and won first place with it. :smiley:

The scene is inspired by the underwater fauna and flora’s shape, the Middle-East architectural Artstyle as well as the Xenoblade video game franchise in order to create a far-away world full of dangers and secrets.

For this scene, I have created each and every model and texture from scratch with Speedtree, Substance designer/painter, Quadspinner Gaea, 3DSMax, and ZBrush. And used the wonderful new volumetric clouds and Water component.

I hope you will like it :slight_smile:
(Huge thanks to my friend Matthieu Levy who voiced my cinematic :slight_smile: ]


Well done, indeed. It looks like there’s some 2D parallax stuff going on which makes it even more interesting.

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