Scene tested on my old machine

Hi guys i have a very simple scene with a third person player and i just built the project for windows 64 bit and played it on my old system with disappointing results…
ok my old system is as follows
core 2 quad q6600
hd radeon 6670
4gb ddr2 ram
whilst the pc is hardly a powerhouse i assumed it would cope with such a simple scene but i get maybe 20-30 fps …

the rig i am building on is

i5 6500
gtx 760
8gb ddr4

and i get a solid 120 fps with the same scene

is the difference in hardware really that big or is my scene just badly optimised . i appreciate its a difficult question to answer but any thoughts guys??

the scene has 4.7 million tris

It’s not just the number of triangles, but also the amount of features you turn on, and the resolution you run at.
I bet if you run at resolution 1024x640, it will run much better!
Also, if you turn off high-end features like the post-process passes (SSAO, bloom, etc) you will likely run faster as well.

You testing rig is pretty weak, but like jwatte said, turn down the graphics. Im pretty sure when you package a game it automatically sets it to Epic/Cinematic which definitely cant run on that computer.

Thanks guys never even thought about what settings it was set to run at

An in-game settings menu was one of the first things I implemented, since my dev rig isn’t a monster.