[SCENE] Scythe - Ruined Church


Never really posted much, but figure I’d share this WIP Church scene I’ve been working on in my spare time. My good friend Zak is rather handy with Blueprint and helped me to trigger my environment settings and sky shader into a decent TOD system. Which allows for some pretty stuff to happen at different points in the day. The scene is very much based around the Devon landscapes I grew up around.

Love it! I like that you have rolling hills in the back to give it more depth.

Very pretty! Love it!

Kridian - Glad you noticed that! Rolling fields are certainly one of the more predominant features of Devon, so definitely wanted to capture that in this scene. The map is actually a deathmatch map, but I wanted it to feel like something real, rather than unreal, if you’ll pardon the fun. Something subtle, as opposed to larger than life. :slight_smile:

** Tott** - Thanks mayne!

looks amazing!

Thanks ! :smiley:

BTW, there’s a bunch more shots in my personal work section I didn’t want to flood the thread too much with images. :slight_smile: