[SCENE] Savanna Environment

In my latest piece i wanted to practice open space lighting and atmosphere as well as foliage. Tell me what you think! :slight_smile:
More shots :
Based on concepts done Evozon Game Studio by Vlad Ricean


Managed to finish recording a video of it.

Looks great! Love the orb center piece with the roots.

Finally managed to write that breakdown i had in mind.
Feedback and/or questions are appreciated.

If I were to make one critique, it would be that for a Savannah scene the sky is a bit dim - I don’t get that feeling of a blinding sun beating down. I know you’ve got some dust whirling around that would dim the light a bit but the areas of the sky that are clearly visible should be lighter.

Love what you’ve done here in general though, great composition and overall effect. :slight_smile:

well done - love that scene. :slight_smile: