Scene Outliners folders are always unfolded/open when you open a project.

Could we have an option to have all the folders in the Scene Outliner tool to be either unfolded/open or folded/closed when you open a project? It’s a bit annoying that I have to manually fold/close all the folders every time I open my project.

A good idea for sure, in the meantime, to not have to collapse all your folders everytime, I’d say move all those folders into a single folder for now, so every time you open the editor, you close just that once, it’s not a solutions really, just a workaround till it’s fixed.

Well it’s a good work around for the moment, nothing wrong with that. :slight_smile:

I agree.

  1. As a quick fix make all folders closed as the basic load up behavior or…
  2. Leave each folder in the state it was left in (open or closed) from the last save. This option would be preferable. It’s the exact folder behavior you get in Adobe’s Flash Professional software, and works well.

Good suggestion. I entered this into our database. Thanks!

Thanks for the suggestion - we now save expansion states for folders in the scene outliner when you save the world. Here’s the commit!