[Scene] No Title

Not really sure if this qualifies as a scene. I’ve been skirting around with UE4 for a little while now and I decided that today I was going to sit down, build a tiny map. It’s taken me about 24 hours but this is what I’ve come up with.

The foliage is from Infinity Blade Grass Lands. It’s not mine.

[click for larger]

I changed the FPS projectiles to what I like to think of as “Sparkly Christmas Grenades Of Destruction™”.

I keep adding to it. The whole map looks like this now.

[click for larger]

Does anybody have any good advice when it comes to creating sky textures?

I think the sky lacks definition with it just being the fog.

Very nice. What is the overall theme of the project?

Just experimenting as I go. I learned about destructibles that’s why they feature so heavily. I intend to keep adding too it as I learn more. I’m trying out some different fog/light settings but I’ll post an update once the new light build is done. I’m also trying to tone down the lens flares on the doors a bit.

[click for larger] ( Note: I took them using the HighRes command so they’re big. )


[the rest are low-res shots]

( white mesh is an elevator, will replace with something better later )

I still don’t like the lighting but I’ll figure that out tomorrow.