[SCENE] Meet Mat 2 - A Tale to Illuminate the backlands

Hi everybody, I would like to share my project’s final version, that I submitted to the MeetMat2 contest.

I am in love with the unreal engine, it is the best render I have ever used, and it is very powerful and fast for lookdev.

My submission is about love too, and tries to tell a tale trough Cordel Literature, in Mat´s curves and textures.

I tried to tell a story using Mat´s texture, because when we meet someone, we don´t know the story behind the person. Every one has a story, a love story, something you leave behind to reach your dreams. And everybody knows that each experience in our life, cause a mark, something we can´t erase and change us forever, like this wood Mat.

Litle More: ArtStation - Meet Mat 2 - A Tale to Illuminate the backlands

General Presentation:



Turn Table:

Mood Board:






If you want to know about Cordel Literature: https://www.loc.gov/folklife/Symposi…del/about.html
Scene Script: http://projetos.guilhermemarconi.com…ene_script.pdf