[SCENE] Low-poly Terrarium Environment

Hi everyone,

We’re a student team working on a low-poly style 2.5 game, Glaze. We’ve recently overhauled the materials, and we’re experimenting with detailed textures, but we’re looking for feedback on the overall look with what we have so far. It’s inspired by terrariums and games like Hohokum, Firewatch, and The Witness.

We don’t have long left before the deadline and would appreciate any feedback you had!







Wow, that’s gorgeous! Really great work :smiley:

Looks beautiful! Love it

Thanks guys!

Looks very abstract! It reminds me of the most recent game Media Molecule is doing (called Dreams), but in a ‘low poly’ minimalist style!

Just in case anyone wants to see more, here’s our Twitter: @Crowbar_Games](

You made it to Picture of the Day, congrats! :wink:

That was awesome to see, thanks :smiley:

Here are a couple more screens of further improvements with lighting, materials, and messing with depth of field.

Here’s the teaser trailer for Glaze! We’re finishing it this week in time for Dare to be Digital, a student game dev competition.