[SCENE] Interior - Apartament

Hi guys, my name is Samuel, I’m from Brazil. I’m architecture student and working in interior design with unreal engine 4
Any suggestions I will be grateful. Sorry for my english :smiley:

(Work in progress)

Looks great, I like the lighting.

thank you very much :smiley:


Very nice! The lighting’s looking great, but you’re missing some light sources from that dark wall… Also, some of your wine glasses look like they’re missing their glass mat, but that just might be the angle.

Great job!

thank you very much. the lights from dark wall i will add later :slight_smile: . About the glasses, i’ll check

thanks for your opinion

Please guys, comment on the post, i’ll be gratiful, your opinios are very important for me

Very nice, maybe try turning up the Lightmass settings? Search for user “heartlessphil” posts - he has excellent recommended settings.

thanks a lot, i’ll be check this

thank you very much

Hi guys, this is my update of the project. The lights are not in final quality and i need to work in some objects, texture and color. But I would like to show the progress of the project. Your opinios are very important for me (sorry for my english :D)

I recorded with nvidia shadowplay and the quality is not the best

Too modern for my personal tastes.

Oh wait, you wanted feedback of the graphics and etc.? Looks good :D.

thank you for your opinion :slight_smile:

What kind of style do you like?

It was just a joke about living preferences!
But for that, I like wooden houses/houses with lots of wooden elements, with warm lights and big open windows! :slight_smile:
I havent bought my dreamhouse yet though…

Btw! The TV is set too high on the wall in front of the couch. I know, because I did that mistake myself and now I have to adjust my sitting position or Ill get neck ache…

Hahaha ok, thank you
I’ll check this :slight_smile: