[SCENE] Hilltop camp - forest environment - WIP

Hey everyone,
I’m making this forest environment.
Hope the idea of the scene is easily conveyed. A biker who’s climbed up a hill and set up his tent amidst nature, in search for Inner Peace :slight_smile:

I’m not able to attach my screenshots in the Unreal forums.
So here’s a link to a thread on polycount.

Your opinions, suggestions and critiques are most valuable to me to improve this scene.

It looks very pretty! It’s also rare to see every bit of foliage casting a shadow like I see in your project, and it adds a lot to the scene

Really great to me too!
I read the crits at Poly, well, for your lighting choice, it is perfect to me…
You could try an other kind of mood like mentioned but that is up to you.
The lighting is dynamic, the shadows are neat and nice…gg! :wink:

An idea: you could lighter the albedo of your rocks (more whitish) for more contrast with the floor (green, brown…)

PS: don’t hesitate to post images here, there’s an ‘insert image tool’ very cool here in the options, no headaches :wink:

Guys, much gratitude for your appreciation of my work. , the shadows definitely add a lot of visual fidelity. This is possible due to the awesome DFAO. WIthout it, objects in the Sun’s shadow would look bland. @macoll, I need to work on the lighting a bit more. Yes Sir, I will post screenshots in various times of day. I will try to invoke different moods in my audience :slight_smile:
I don’t know how to make an actual functional Time of Day system. :frowning: It’s currently out of scope of this project.
Rocks should be lighter you say? Will do that.
I also finished creating some distant landscape meshes in World Machine and brought them into my level too. Splatmap controlled materials.
I feel quite dumb for overlooking the Insert Image tool. Will use it from now on.
Eager to show you the updated screenshots.
Peace \ /

Fantastic work! My only criticism is that the tent, bike and camping gear seems oddly scaled relative to the rest of the environment, like they’re a bit too small. Could just be me, though. :slight_smile: