Scene flicker black in android build on some devices....?

When I Play on mobile the scene flickers into black and back to normal from time to time… And I can’t seem to understand what is wrong with it. The game is quite small, I am using jpg textures maximum of 1k, and I am using LightmassCharacterIndirectDetailVolume for indirect lighting + also I am using a custom collision object for the main column mesh just for that mesh… every other thing is set as default or no collision.

Please need help as soon as possible!

you can see below the video and pics

I notice I am using two reflection captures in this scene is that causing an issue? And FYI I also have mobile hdr enable

Hello, Could you disable the mobile AO settings? Find ‘r.Mobile.AmbientOcclusion’ cvar in .ini and set to r.Mobile.AmbientOcclusion=False

Thanks it works