Scene crashes on launch (iPadPro-ios11: Forward Render + Metal 2)


I’m trying to bring my Archviz scenes on iPadpro and I like to get the max performance out of my device. So I’m trying to run it with metal 2 and forward render.
The project can be deployed on the device successfully, but every time I run it it crashed. I’ve tried Metal 1.2 and ios10 and the same thing happens. I even tried test the UE4 default scene. Only metal and forward render enabled, but it crashed again.

I would appreciate if you could show me what I’m doing wrong.

UE4 1.19.2 / Target hardware: Mobile/Maximum quality
iPadpro 12.9 A10 / iOS 11.3.1
Metal 2/1.4 + forward renderer

These are the only settings I change:

Check your AA settings I had unexplained crashes caused by the normal AA having a value. Turn off AA and just leave mobile AA on MSAA x2 ( if desired)

The AA is changed to None, For mobile I also chose None for MSAA. But it crashes.

And here is the crash:…

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. The scene is so simple. Just one cube and sphere. No complex shader or anything…

Can you get the logs and see if there is anything in there?

Also I am assuming it works fine without the metal forward renderer enabled?

Also tried Mobile HDR off?