Scene Component to Controller

I’m wondering if SceneComponent are automatically hidden if attached to a controller.

What I’m trying to do is using a TextRenderer component in my AI Controller to display a text above my NPCs, but the component is not displayed even in the viewport tab of the controller, and I checked that the Rendering->Visible option is checked, but nothing.

Is this directly related to the controller behavior?

Controllers are not physical actors, they’re never present in your scene. It’s misleading that they have a viewport in their blueprint. You should putthe text render component on your NPC pawn. You can then control it’s visibility, text, and so on from the AI controller if you want.

Thank you, that was what i was thinking, and i agree on the misleading viewport tab and the possibility to use scene component.

But, why? Wouldn’t be more clear disabling viewport tab and scene component for controllers? Probably is implementation-dependent…