Scene Component overriding physics and delete its actor?

i’m trying to create a simple projectile while shooting my gun. Everything work fine except for the scale and physics of the projectile and i think the scene component is messing with those. I want my bullet to simply go in front of me with no gravity or physic for now.

Without Scene Component:
In my Bullet BP i set the static mesh scale to 0.1 and disable physics and gravity. The projectile spawn at a scale of 1(giant ball) but physic and gravity are still unchecked (as intended). The bullet does what i want except its a freaking beach ball.

With Scene Component:
My Bullet spawns at the correct scale of 0,1 but even if i deactivated physics and gravity the bullet still drop on the ground and it delete itself after 3 sec even if i have no delete actor nodes.

Can someone help me? Maybe i’m missing something obvious but i would like the scene component to mind his own business.

1- Why is it adding gravity to my bullet and why is it deleting the actor.
2- Do i really need it? I almost got what i want without it except for the scale override.

Thx and sorry for my english.

I solved it! For anyone with the same problem, or something similar, in Projectile Movement there is a setting in Projectile called Gravity Scale and it was set to 1.0 even if i had physics and gravity unchecked this was causing the bullet to drop.