Scene component changes collision response

Hey, so I have a fairly simple character class BP that’s getting moved around. I also have a big cube (static mesh component) that’s a child of my capsule component. The cube has collisions enabled and set to block all. The setup looks like this:


The question is if I have a scene component as a component between the two, like this:


Then my cube starts to freak out because now it is colliding with my capsule. This was expected, but it wasn’t expected that a scene component would be the difference between 2 colliders causing a positive collision check or not. If I set the cube to not look at pawn collisions it’s all fine again. It’s just a bit odd and I was wondering if I’ve missed some functionality of the scene component.

(I’ve recently also had to remake my character class as throughout the updates (4.5-4.9) it seems like collisions in my project are very unpredictable. Two sprites of seemingly the exact setup cause collisions and the other don’t. Upgrading through that many updates is likely not wise but as I’m recreating things UE collisions seem more predictable. Maybe upgrading like that is a known no-no for collisions.)


I ran into this problem as well when implementing my inventory system. The SceneComponent didn’t have any collision settings so my BP didn’t work as intended and I had to set a Capsule as the root component instead.

Thanks for the reply, good to know I’m not going insane. In my case I just had to switch off self collision after I had placed the scene component in there… And my original post didn’t leave the indents in so I’ve edited it to be clearer.