Scene Color not working, UMG losing alignment and portrait mode not filling the screen?


I have run into 3 issues when packaging my 4.11 project to the Nexus 9 (Anroid version 6.0.1).

Scene Colour
After reading the UE4 mobile documentation I was under the impression that scene colour works on mobile. However, it appears as though it’s not working properly (see below).


UMG Alignment
I set up my UI so that even when I full screened in the editor, all items stayed where I wanted them. But once deployed on Android, they seem go all over the place. I also had some UMG items under the mountains on this screen which seem to have messed up even in the editor when I moved to 4.11 (will look into this further).

Portrait Mode**
As you can see in the screenshots, the deployed version has black bars either side. I have it deploying as portrait mode and my camera’s aspect ratio is set to 0.5625 (I found this online) and FOV 37.

Let me know if I need to provide any more info to get some help with these issues.


I think you didn’t set the anchor properly.

Example: for your title, the anchor would be at top-center, the same goes to the two lines and the Play, Levels, Quit button - all at top-center anchored.

As for the background blue image, I’d set it to mid-center anchor.

Everything is anchored properly for PC but I guess not for mobile? Also, the blue ‘image’ isn’t part of the UI, it’s a plane in the world.

Anchoring shares the attr across platforms, so I’m not quite sure what you’re currently facing then :frowning:

You can stretch the plane a bit more I guess.

I’ll give it a go thanks. :slight_smile:

Edit: The plane is actually much bigger than the camera’s FOV already. Don’t think this is the reason I have black bars?