Scene capture not rendering on packaged build

When playing my game in the editor or even in full game mode the scene capture i have setup with render texture and corresponding material works perfectly, updating in real time etc. However, when I package the build and test the material that should display the render texture doesn’t show up at all. BUT, i have a function the takes a ‘photo’ and saves the render as a PNG. THIS is working fine and even the function I have that pulls these images in game are working fine.
Any one had a similar issue?

I have something similar. I have a blueprint class that contains both the capture component and the surface it’s projected. All instances are created at runtime based on player interaction and the class uses a “pool system” at spawn to pick the next available texture asset. The first one that spawns always shows the missing texture checkerboard while the second one works properly.

I just ran into a similar issue. In the end my problem was the Material settings for the texture were set to Color but should have been set to Linear Color. I changed settings for the texture to linear color and repackaged the game and the 2d captures on my widgets are now working.