Scene Capture Component 2D to Widget

I want to set SceneCaptureComponent2D Camera Render Target texture to widget image.
I have been able to create a Render Target Texture and assign it to the camera and widget by hand but I want this to be handled through blueprints so I can switch between cameras.

Note: This looks like it should works but it does not.

Hi natmaxex,

To get the scene capture image into your image widget you have to rely on the render target texture rather than the scene capture component.

The binding that you have created on the image widget needs removing. Instead, create a new material, set the Material Domain to User Interface then add a Texture Sampler node with the render target you are using on the scene capture added to it. Attach the RGB pin to the Final Color pin. Then use that material in the image widget (and set the image size).

I have a video tutorial that may help here.

Discovered something even better.

select “SceneCaptureComponent2D” camera in your blueprint (it doesn’t matter if you plan to have more than one copy), In Details, set “Primitive render module” and set it to “Render Scene Primitives”, select “Capture Source” and set it to “(LDR) in RGB”. and create and assign a “render target” to Texture Target.
in your blueprint use “Set Visible” to turn the camera on an off only when you are using it that way you can have multiple cameras.

last but not least set the widget image texture to be the render target texture we created for the camera.