Scene capture component 2D not rotating


I have a simple pawn with only 2 components - staticmeshcomponent and scenecapturecomponent2d. I’m rotating my pawn using AddActorLocalRotation function. Afaik, this rotates the root component. Root component in my case is the Statich Mesh. I’ve attached scenecapturecomponent2d to static mesh like capturecomponent->setupattachment(statichmeshcomponent);
However, I don’t think the capture component is rotating when I rotate my pawn.

How do I know it is not rotating?
I’m using scenecapturecomponent2d as my default camera (not sure if this is a good idea tho). When I start the game, by default I possess my pawn using default player controller. I’m assuming the view that I’m seeing is being rendered by scenecapturecomponent2d. I rotate my pawn using AddActorLocalRotation(), and I see the shadow of my mesh rotating, but the view does not rotate. However, if I unpossess and repossess, my view is updated to the new rotated position.

I’m not sure why this is happening. Any suggestions is appreciated. Thanks!

Perhaps make a video it is a bit difficult to follow you, when you write stuff like per default controller is possessed. Today, I worked with 2dcaptureComponent, and it appears a bit glitchy. In my instance it worked to delete the intermediate and saved folder.

Hi @unit23,

My bad on the description. Here is the link with the video - Dropbox - - Simplify your life. In this video you can see a simple level with a floor and 3 cubes on the floor. This view you see initially is through a pawn that I’ve mentioned above. In the first 7 seconds, you can see that I’m moving the pawn forward and back(seen from the shadow). Later, I rotate the pawn (seen from the shadow), but the camera does not rotate with it. Then at 8th second, I unpossess and repossess the pawn which is why the camera tilted.

I then show what is happening from a 3rd person’s perspective (from 13th second). As you can see I’m moving the pawn forward and back and rotating it (same actions I did in the first 7 seconds) and you can see that it is actually moving, rotating, etc. At 21sec, I tilt the pawn and possess it back and the camera is tilted as seen on 23sec. I show the same effect in further video.

Also, ignore the last 8s of the video. And, I also tried clearing intermediate, saved and binaries. It did not work.

Let me know if this helps in understanding better or if you have questions.

There may be a engine bug with rotation of the character and cameras, I encountered something similar.
Did you try to destroy the camera, re-create it on possess?

No, I did not destroy the camera at all. However, I’m not sure if unpossess destroys the camera (I don’t think it should). Also, now I’m getting doubt about my capturecomponent2d being used as default camera or not. Is there a way to explicitly mention my capturecomponent2d to be used as default view for my pawn?

Did you attached the capturecomponent to the static mesh? If you move the mesh the capturecomp will only move accordingly when attached under the mesh. Otherwise try to destroy and re-create the capturecomponent. However, if you want a camera, use a camera component, capturecomponents are not made for default views.

Apologies on the delay in response.
I did attach my capturecomponent to the staticmesh, but it does not seem to rotate (it does do translation with mesh). Even if destroy and re-create works, I don’t think it’s an ideal way to do it, right?

I did use a camera component in the beginning. But, since I also had a scene capture component, I thought I might as well use it for rending view for my pawn. Are there any known drawbacks to this?