Scene Capture Cause Crash on IOS 12 with Metal

We have experienced a bug after a few days of testing various aspects of the Scene Capture Component and are hoping to get some insight into how to fix or create a work around.


  • 1 Plane with a material that is tied
    to a render to texture texture.
  • 1
    Actor with a scene capture component,
    with default settings
  • 1 model to
  • Game mode: Base Game mode
  • Pawn: Spectator pawn


  • Map Crashes On load


  • Checked various settings with no luck
  • Have delayed changing the plane
    material till 3 seconds in, when
    material is changed crash happens


This is due to options set by the screen capture, IF you set to Scene Color (HDR) 0 in A this fixed the issue.

Also see

This has a list of acceptable options.

I guess when they say for mobile they mean for IOS :slight_smile:

Thanks for this @chasester1234

Still worked in 2022. I was experiencing a crash with SceneCaptureComponent.

Setting CaptureSource to “SceneColorHDR in RGB 0 in A” made it work.
I think the supported modes are in MobileSceneCaptureRendering.cpp SetCaptureToTargetShaders().