Scene Capture 2D crashing Android apps in UE4.9

Since trying UE4 4.9 scene capture 2D no longer works on Android

Anyone know a quick fix workaround for this? Had no problems on 4.7 & 4.8

As soon as a scene capture texture target is set the app crashes in android - works fine in Windows of course

To reproduce:

  • Open a new blank project
  • add a new blueprint → type: sceneCapture 2d
  • add new material: → type: render target
  • assign this render target texture to the scene capture texture target in the blueprint created above
  • create a new material from the render target
  • assign this material to any object in front of the player (eg: a cube)
  • add blueprint to the level and point it at an object

Export project to Android ETC2

notice after starting the app it crashes after showing the first frame.

Hey ,

When I load up the ETC2 project, I see a black screen. Is this what you see too? Could you please provide me the off of the device? The way that you’d do this is by using Monitor.bat, which you can find within this folder (or similar path): C:\android-sdk-windows\tools

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Hi thanks for your reply,

I’m seeing a crash directly after the first frame is shown. Unfortunately I cannot attach the at the moment but when I did check the last week there was nothing in it in regards to the crash that I could see.

I have attached a very simple example project - simply open it (it’s 4.9 binary) and export as Android-> ETC2 (make sure you device supports this :wink: ). I’m testing on a Samsung Note 4 with Exynos chipset.

Note: All sceneCapture BP and sceneCapture texture settings are on default & mobile HDR off (project created with scalable mobile settings)


58671-scenecapture2d_49.rar (806 KB)

Let me know if you still can’t reproduce it with that example project and I’ll send the .

Hey Aussie,

Thanks for providing me with that project. I’ve been able to reproduce what you’re seeing and obtained the verbose from the Android device as well. It happened on my Android . With that being said, I’ve submitted a report referenced as: UE-21100

If you’d like to check on this in the future, please feel free to request an update here on this question.

Thank you and have a nice day!

I guess the normal default request is which engine version can we expect a fix?

If not a 4.9 hotfix is there perhaps a workaround to get it working in the meantime? My project is unfortunately relying on this feature - perhaps some setting that can be used on the scenecapture texture as that seems to cause the issue? Or maybe what you found out from the that might be causing it that might lead to a workaround?

Many thanks in advance for the info! :slight_smile:

Hey Aussie,

This did not make it into the hotfix. The hotfix for 4.9 was released today. Currently, I do not have any information about a work around, and this bug is still in triage. If I hear of any additional information, I’ll gladly provide it to you.


I came up with a workaround I could reproduce in other projects where I had reproduced the issue in.
For me this was an issue on my pc and not mobile, because I’m making a pc/console game.

Anyway I didn’t find any workaround online but I had one level where my Scene Capture 2D/Scene Render 2D, didn’t cause the editor to crash so I figures some setting must be differen.

Then I went into the crash from before and saw a refernce to the light rendering failing.

So I compared two levels where one had bloom and other didn’t in the directional light settings, in the one with bloom I could plase a 2d capture/render blueprint and display, wihtout any problems.
But the one without bloom crashed instantly when placed in world.

Hey you can’t steal my answer poinr haha

As an update, UE-21100 has been fixed in 4.10.

Thank you!