scene capture 2d change fps

Hi there!

So I was wondering, is there a way to change the frame rate in Scene capture 2d? I want it to capture 8-10fps… I cant find any option to change it, so I am asking here…

I have my capture 2D set as a camera. Thus I have added a movement (-45° ; 45°). So The camera moves, But the problem is it captures at 30-60FPS… I need it to campute in 8-10fps…

Well, the camera moves at 60frames per second (the animation) so it renders the same amount of times because the scene capture 2D component is parented to the camera mesh…

timeline… But I could move the capture 2D as another object, so the camera mesh will move smoothly, but the capture 2D will move at 10fps

Aha! Done it!
1st - I separated the Scene Capture component 2D (SCC2D from now on) from the camera mesh
2nd - I created a timeline for the SCC2D and animated it (rotation - 10fps)
3rd - The timeline for the camera is set to 60fps
4th - Jointed it into one blueprint
5th - I clicked on the capture every frame
Now it works like a charm! Thank you!

Okay, I think I done, I Ill put it in the anwear :smiley:

Just for reference :smiley:

I solved this yesterday :slight_smile:

In the capture component, turn off capture on tick:


then you can force a recapture, by moving the object slightly:

That’s right, this works. What’s the problem?

Ah, with you…

How are you moving the camera?

When I say ‘camera’ I mean capture.

You could put the capture in a BP, and set the BP to only tick at 10 frames.

unclick* lol