Scene Capture 2D - Additive composite mode not working on UE5

Hey there!
It seems that on both UE5EA and UE5main the Additive Composite mode on the SceneCapture2D is not working at all. It just overwrites the previous frame regardless of that option. I tested this in 4.26 and 4.27 and the additive composite mode worked just as expected. I’m trying to find some alternative and/or a provisory fix for the current Early Acess build but had no success just yet.
Has someone had the same problem? Maybe found an alternative? I’m all ears.

That’s the supposed effect (recorded on 4.26)

That’s how it behaves on 5.0EA


I am having the same exact issue!!! Did you figure out the fix for it? I have no idea what it could be.

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same problem here with UE5 preview. Any news about this from Epic?

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Bump this one, both Additive & composite modes doesn’t work at all they work like override :frowning:
Tested on UE5 5.0 that was just released.

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still not working on 5.0.1 :man_shrugging:

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neither on 5.0.2… come on Epic! :persevere:

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Same issue over here! :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I am using kits like @Digital_Dive effected by this @epic please help!

Still broken!

Same issue here with UE 5.0.2. Please fix! @epicgames

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Looking through the engine source, in the UE5 branch, a dev did push a fix for this, but in the release branch this change is not present. Maybe it just got skipped on a pull or smth? Looking at the ue5-main branch, someone has incorporated these changes in to the code, and so I expect we will see it fixed in the next ue5.0.x release.

Old ue5 push that got skipped:

New ue5-main changes that adds the old fix:

Still broken in 5.0.3 in quess. Composite mode is not even available, it´s grey and the mode in “Overwrite”. The frame freezes (should be moving, animation in it) in editor view and is totally black in Stanalone game.

Or do I do something wrong? This worked few days ago and I don´t thing I have touch this. I´m going crazy with this:)

Has anyone verified that this works in 5.1.1 or later? Thx

When I use additive scene capture on 5.2 I just get corruption written to the render target.

Actually Windows/DX12 scene capture looks to be working fine in 5.2 - the issue I’m seeing is Metal-only so I’ve started a new thread Additive scene capture produces corrupt texture on Mac/iOS